Project Information

Steelwork Contractor
William Hare
Main Contractor
50,000 Tonnes


William Hare has worked at Sellafield, with a continuous presence, for over 30 years. We have undertaken a number of significant and challenging projects, including:

  • MASWEP EP1 & EP2 EPSB 1 & 2
  • MOX Plant SDP Plant
  • Sellafield Visitors Centre
  • Piperack 5B Refurbishment W A M A C
  • Thorp Pipe Bridge Modules
  • LSTP Building B50 extension
  • B243 Overbuilding SPP1
  • Fellside Boilerpark refurbishment B41 PFCS Thorp Pond Hall Roof WPEP Building EARP Building
  • B241 Sludge Tank Retrieval
  • B.E.P. Project
  • Calder Hall CHP Plant B136 & B 137
  • VIT Plant Export Facility
  • Caustic Scrubber Plant Caesium Recovery Module SPRS Building
  • MOX extension (Export facility) EPS 3 Trench supports
  • River Ehen Pipebridge walkway ECP Pipe-bridge
  • B30 FGMSP refurbishment SMF

William Hare has provided structural steelwork for plant buildings, power stations and storage buildings. The structures involved are often designed to withstand seismic loads and include large gantry cranes.

William Hare’s scope regularly includes internal structures and external classing support steelwork, as well as miscellaneous steelwork elements, such as walkways and handrail.