Value is assured through technical excellence, organisational experience and committed service.

The William Hare Group has operated in numerous countries around the world for a variety of clients over many years. With time, comes experience. We also work across a diverse range of sectors, each with their own exacting standards; this diversity of work allows us to cross-pollinate best practice into each of our projects, providing us with the ability to constantly evolve to be at the cutting edge of our industry and to set the standard.

We recognise that early engagement in projects and engineering resource will drive its success. We have one of the largest in-house Steel Fabrication Engineering teams in the world. Our Engineering and Project management teams travel extensively to work closely with our clients and their appointed advisors, often locating key members of our teams at site or at client offices in order to ensure the smooth transfer of information and to promote a truly collaborative approach to project delivery.

Success means different things to different people, but safety is essential for William Hare and sits at the top of the pile when measuring the success of a project. Our facilities are cutting edge, with some of the latest machinery, and all of our staff are highly skilled, receiving regular training in order to meet client expectations and the ambitions of the individual.