April 1, 2021

WHL UK facilities Carbon Zero

The Challenge

Environmental sustainability and social good have long been part of the William Hare Ltd ethos. We understand that our operations have an impact on environments locally, regionally and globally, and recognise our responsibility to protect the planet.

William Hare Ltd is committed to continuous improvements in eco-friendly performance, and the prevention of waste and pollution at all levels of the business. We consider the management of carbon emissions to be a vital component of our environmental and sustainability objectives.

Our Solution for Today

Since 2010, William Hare Ltd has been measuring, managing and reducing our carbon footprint through the Achilles Carbon Reduce Programme. We are proud to announce that we have now taken the next step to offset our currently unavoidable residual emissions to achieve ISO14064-1 Carbon Zero1 certification.

Using the highest quality standards and certification in the carbon market – Gold Standard2 and VCS (VERRA)3 – we have selected international projects that align with both the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)4 and our own core values, in order to offset our 2019/20 carbon footprint.

Our Solution for Tomorrow

In addition to our formal Carbon Zero certification, William Hare Ltd remains a steadfast supporter of the Woodland Trust5. We continue to invest in their drive to see to see a UK rich in woods and trees and local bio-diversity.

William Hare Ltd is developing a future strategy aimed at reaching Net Zero, and we are fervently committed to further reducing the embodied carbon associated with our facilities. It is essential that we continue to contribute to the global effort to combat climate change.

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