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William Hare - Voluntary Service
Voluntary Service Group visits Good Life Centre
William Hare
William Hare
The Hare Voluntary Service Group at William Hare India has been out in the local community visiting the Good Life Center in Chennai. 

Established in 1996, The Good Life Centre foster the growth and development of orphans, the destitute, mentally and the physically challenged and homeless by providing them with a safe and loving environment.

15 years and 135 people later, it has lived up to its name and is known in the city for its services in the field of nurturing young individuals and helping them settle in life. 12 employees from William Hare India took part in the day; they played games with the children, provided lunch and gifts to brighten up their day and then planted trees which will be part of the centre for years to come.

William Hare India’s contribution helps the Good Life Centre in their mission to reduce the number of women and children sleeping rough on the streets and to protect and rehabilitate the marginalised members of society.

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