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William Hare - Go Kart Race
Go Karting 2016
William Hare
William Hare
Earlier this month, William Hare held a Go Karting event at Daytona Racetrack Manchester. The event, a 90 minute endurance ‘Le Mans’ Style race, saw 8 teams from across William Hare UK’s North West offices and facilities battle it out for the top spot.


The race for a podium finish was very tight, with only 1 lap between 2nd and 3rd and 3rd and 4th places. One small mistake and it could have been a very different looking podium.

However there was no doubt that Team Mercedes AMG were going to win. Even with an extra driver (meaning more changes) and being sinbinned for 20 seconds, they still completed 143 laps, 3 more than 2nd place who could only manage 140.

Team Mercedes AMG were also made up of last year’s winners as well. They are the team to beat in future!


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