William Hare's continued success lies in the ability to develop the next generation of talent.

William Hare offers a fantastic graduate programme across our UK business. As a graduate you will work through a structured two and a half year programme, combining practical experience, academic learning and professional development whilst also offering the opportunity to work with and learn from senior members of the business.

During your induction you will have the opportunity to visit our UK facilities, see some of our live construction sites, take part in team building activities and get to know your fellow graduates.

Throughout the programme, you will continue to benefit from ongoing support from your mentor and our Learning and Development team. As well as your day-to-day role, you’ll also be part of a business improvement project team, reporting to the Chief Operating Officer (COO). This real world project will be an opportunity like no other and your hard work will have a genuine impact on our business.

For your hard work and dedication, you’ll receive a competitive salary, the opportunity to further your career with post graduate qualifications and the opportunity to travel and work around the UK with the potential of a secondment in London.

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