William Hare - Group Brands - Cellbeam - William Hare
William Hare - Group Brands - Cellbeam - William Hare


Cellbeam fabricates the full range of Fabsec cellular beams and bespoke products at Wetherby, UK, and Dubai, UAE.

Cellbeam is involved in the design, engineering, manufacturing and supply of optimised steel products. The product range includes welded plate girders, cellular steel beams, asymmetrical steel beams, box sections and tees, all of which can be supplied straight, cambered or shaped as per customer requirements.

All products are manufactured using fully automated plate cutting and welding techniques offering an extremely cost effective solution.

For the construction market, specific design can be applied using the Fabsec software. This enables products to be optimised for the most cost-effective balance between steel and intumescent paint materials. Developers are given greater flexibility to specify longer span elements with fewer columns.



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